Decking Cleaning

Most decking structures will require cleaning and some ‘cosmetic’ maintenance over time. Decking can get ‘grubby’ especially in areas under planters and shaded damp sections. As many gardens across South Wales have decked areas, we are often asked to help with ongoing maintenance to keep the wood looking good at all times.

Our decking rotary cleaning equipment is designed to pressure wash wooden surfaces without leaving marks, which can be a problem when domestic pressure washers are used to clean decking.

Deck timber will also lose a lot of its natural colour with constant exposure to the ultra violet light from the sun’s rays. Green algae and moss will also grow on the surface of the wood if it is not kept clean and dry.

Once we have pressure washed your decking we can also help protect it from future deterioration by applying a good quality liberon┬ádecking oil. The oil will enhance the natural look of the wood and create a ‘barrier’ to UV light penetration.