Imprinted Concrete Sealing

We are one of very few contractors in the South Wales area that can professionally refurbish imprinted concrete driveways and patios.

When first laid patterned imprinted concrete is usually sealed with multiple coats of a resin based acrylic sealer to make the concrete look slightly ‘shiny’ and visually appealing. Generally, after a number of years the acrylic sealer will gradually wear down and the surface can start to look ‘patchy’. Algae may also start to grow, especially on areas that have prolonged periods of shade.

We would always advise re-sealing imprinted concrete every 3-5 years depending on the amount of wear it gets. If this is not done the coloured surface and pattern of the concrete will start to erode and the surface can look unsightly.

We can jet wash the surface of the concrete to remove any algae quickly and efficiently. Most average sized driveways or patios can be completely cleaned in less than a day. We then leave the concrete to dry out, prior to applying the first coat of sealer with a sealing broom. The second coat of sealer is applied very soon after the first coat has become touch dry (usually 1-2 hours). If the pattern is very slippery we may need to apply some anti-slip material to reduce the effect. We can also add colour tints to restore any original colouring lost over time.