Patio Cleaning

KD Professional Cleaning Services specialise in cleaning and sealing many types of patio surfaces throughout South Wales.

Porous patio surfaces can quickly attract the growth of algae, moss, lichen and all varieties of weeds if left too long without maintenance. The best way to keep your patio looking clean and tidy at all times is to clean it regularly and ideally have it sealed every few years to make it less permaeble to water penetration. Any water retained by the patio will make it the perfect environment for many types of surface growth to flourish so sealing is by far the best way to prevent this happening.

We can clean and seal the following patio surfaces:

• Block paving
• Patterned imprinted concrete
• Paving slabs – sandstone, limestone etc
• Natural stone – slate, travertine etc
• Crazy paving
• York stone
• Screeded concrete

We only use cold water but may need to pre-treat your patio with weedkiller or fungicidal wash for a more effective end result. Once pre-treated any jet washing will clean the patio much easier and more effectively.